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Name: Julie Brar
Business: Balance Life with Julie

Julie Brar is an award-winning Health Coach and Nutritionist who specializes in helping men and women lose weight, gain energy, and balance their gut health while incorporating whole food nutrition into their lives. Julie’s signature program, Bye Bye Sugar, is available online, but she also offers a 30-day program which she calls the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. This program provides a complete gut reset, liver and kidney cleanse, and focuses on eating both whole foods and superfoods to help heal the body while optimizing cellular nutrition. 

Julie has a keen interest in the partnership of the mind/body connection in improving health. Prior to focusing on health coaching and nutrition, Julie taught yoga for 15 years. She has four certifications as a yoga teacher and holds a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. When working with clients, Julie uses a holistic approach that incorporates mind, body and spirit. 

Julie co-hosts a podcast with Kaz Merfield of Ki Health and Wellness that covers various related topics. She is a published author in a collaborative book project, The Courage to Change, which hit the bestseller list on Amazon under the Motivation category in 2019. On top of these achievements, Julie has an ebook, writes weekly blogs and creates videos to help educate people on the many ways to create optimal health and wellness.

Julie’s lessons from 2020

The one thing I learned in 2020:
Maintaining my daily wellness practice has helped me stay grounded during these challenging times. It has also shown me that staying healthy is truly the best defence, especially when it comes to illness.

What I’m planning for 2021:
I’ve been working hard to build a life where I can escape Canadian winters. Finally in 2021 I’ll get to spend several weeks somewhere warm while I continue to work on my business. I’m also looking forward to growing my business, helping my clients to achieve good health and continuing to volunteer in the community.

Find Julie on Social Media: 
Instagram: @juliebrar 
Facebook:  Julie Brar Health Coach