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Name: Laura Ricketts

Organization/Business: Fluid Concept / Durham End of Life Doula


Laura Ricketts is a former health and deathcare executive who has worked in various hospitals, long-term care, community services, and residential hospice settings. As a sufferer of chronic migraines, Laura found she needed to make a change in her lifestyle. In 2019, she made the leap from Executive Director to self employment. In 2020 Laura has expanded into working as a private death doula/healthcare navigator, an Etsy and local retail artisan, an Airbnb host, and has been exploring part-time contract work in social research.

Laura’s Lessons from 2020

One thing I’ve learned in 2020:  To let go of deeply ingrained expectations of myself.  As a self imposed high achiever, it was a real life lesson to learn to let go of the ‘need’ for ‘important’ professional titles and the packages that comes along with them.  As I let go of those expectations, I became more and more comfortable with who and what I am today.

What I’m planning for 2021: I’d like to solidify my business bases; both as a death doula and as an artisan and find the right balance for me in terms of structure, success, and earnings versus mental and physical well being.  

Find Laura on Social Media:

Facebook: Durham End of Life Doula
Instagram: @FluidConcept