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Name:  Dr. Ana Candia, ND
Business:  Rise Naturopathic, MYNDspace, Holler & Howl 

Dr. Ana Candia is a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND), mother of one angel, nature lover and life-long student. 

Her trajectory has always been deeply rooted in wellness and the natural world.  She has forever felt a fascination with nature–finding inspiration, peace and connectedness there.

Prior to discovering naturopathic medicine, Ana spent years engaged in volunteerism and work abroad. After living and working across Asia and Africa for over two years in education and healthcare settings, she earned a Masters Degree in Globalization Studies.

By accident, she enrolled in a yoga class while in graduate school and fell deeply in love with the practice. Soon after graduation, she moved to British Columbia and began delving deep into the world of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and later went on to train as a yoga teacher in the Indian Himalayas. It was in those mountains that her professional goals were sparked. Upon returning to Canada, she enrolled in a naturopathic college. Today, Ana is a grateful and happy naturopathic doctor in south Ajax, serving her community.

MYNDspace is her most recent venture; an organization committed to helping people live happier, calmer, more contented lives using the powerful tools she’s learned along the way.

Ana’s Lessons from 2020

The one thing I learned in 2020: This year has taken all of us for a bit of a ride, I think!  It has been a true education.  The primary thing I learned (or rather, learned anew) was the importance of self knowledge and self love.  When so many aspects of life ebb and flow out of our own control, being able to find peace and fulfilment within is an absolute gift.

What I’m planning for 2021:
This is as yet unpublished…but there may be a little book launch happening!  So much to come! 

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Instagram:  @dr.anacandiand

Facebook:  AnaCandiaND, MyMYNDspace