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Over the last year, Davina Dixon has taken the time to slow down and take time for herself. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she always had a full schedule, pressuring herself to get everything done in one day and accomplish tasks perfectly. Since the lockdown, she has learned what it means to have self-compassion and determine what she can and can’t control.

Davina has been a part of the Durham Women’s Network since its launch in 2019, knowing immediately that she wanted to get involved with the group of women. The network allowed her to stay connected to women within her community that shared similar values to her own. This is reflected in her career choice, as she currently works with the Durham Region Social Services Department, where she serves residents within her community and ensures that government policies align with their needs.

Whether it’s through formal education or a local yoga class, Davina is a true believer in continuous education. The XWN membership through DWN allows her to do just that. She enjoys that the membership will enable her to try things she wouldn’t normally do within the community. Recently she was able to take part in the Virtual Full Moon Dance put on by Carol Baxter of the newly launched The Wyld School. She values the powerful event for the impact it had on her and her well-being for days afterwards.

While she has enjoyed being able to slow down and take time for herself and her family this year. She can’t wait for the day that she can travel again. She is looking forward to a time to book her next vacation, hopefully somewhere on a beach.