Women of 2020

“When so many aspects of life ebb and flow out of our own control, being able to find peace and fulfilment within is an absolute gift.”

Learn more about Dr. Ana Candia, ND.

Women of 2020

“There is an untapped well of strength in reserve waiting for you to tap into it.”

Learn More about Tracy Turberfield, LIVE Virtual Vacation Experiences

Women of 2020

“As I let go of expectations, I became more and more comfortable with who and what I am today.”

Learn more about Laura Ricketts, Fluid Concept / Durham End of Life Doula

Women of 2020

“You probably don’t see how much value you bring to your network. Things that may come easy to us, can be very challenging to someone else.”
Learn more about Leslie Hughes, PUNCH!media

Women of 2020

“Staying healthy is truly the best defence, especially when it comes to illness.”

Learn more about Julie Brar, Balance Life with Julie

Women of 2020

“I’m looking forward to 2021 with my renewed sense of purpose and passion.”

Learn more about Rose Finlay,
Inclusive Solutions by Rose Finlay

Ana Milne Beauty Foundations Clinic Whitby

Women of 2020

“It’s okay to relax, it’s okay to take time for YOU, to appreciate and enjoy the things that you work for.”

Learn more about Ana Milne, Beauty Foundations Clinic.

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