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Communication Safety Has Never Been So Important

Communication Safety Has Never Been So Important

Communication safety in the workplace has never been more important than it is today.  Reliable Radio Communications (a.k.a. walkie talkies) has become an important tool for businesses to maintain social distancing amongst employees, customers and help to keep everyone safe during these trying times.

 Whether it be managing backdoor access, enhancing security or attending to curbside pick-up, this has been a challenge in every industry during this pandemic.  An inexpensive solution is the Ritron quick assist wireless voice callboxes, as this is a great solution to help with these tough times. building. 

 As we all struggle with new business protocols within the workplace and maintaining productivity, Peak Communications, located in Durham Region, is here to help your business stay safe and always connected, with clear and reliable communication solutions.  Peak Communications is an Authorized Kenwood Radio Communications, Impact Accessories and Ritron Wireless Solutions Dealer, representing Canada with +25 years of experience.

 Our customers include industry leaders in retail, hospitality, recreational (golf, camps for kids, fitness centres etc.), health care facilities, manufacturing, construction, outdoor events and anywhere onsite communication is needed.

 If you have existing radio brands, such as Motorola, iCOM, Vertex Standard etc., we can program our Kenwood Radios to work with your current radios.   This is a great solution for those who are on budget constraints and looking to add additional radios for their employees.

 Sanitization is so important these days, and Peak offers Impact Communications accessories (i.e., earpieces) at a fraction of the cost for all brands and will work with your existing radios. This will alleviate problems of employees sharing earpieces.

Planning an event? Contact us for daily, monthly or seasonal radio rentals.

Peak Communications, a division of Peak Sales & Marketing Inc, helps with maintaining social distance within the workplace for employees and visitors under the new workplace measures and restrictions.

Perfect for retail, restaurants, security, healthcare and social services, construction, transportation, manufacturing, recreational and more!

 Learn more at

– Denise Babin

A Mother’s Day Offer for DWN Members

A Mother’s Day Offer for DWN Members

Editors Note: Mother’s Day is just around the corner! In these lockdown times when we can’t visit and must socially distance, let’s send some love to all this year!

In honour of the upcoming celebration, Durham Women’s Network would love to hear what your mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and anyone that you love has passed down to you, whether it be words of wisdom, a recipe, family heirloom, cherished stories or anything else you’d like to share. We would love photos as well! Share your stories and photos with us via email.

We will be drawing from all entries for a chance to win a  special Buffalo Plaid Fleece KoolKape liner gifted by Koolway Sports to your special loved one this Mother’s Day!

A message from Jennifer Gallienne, Koolway Sports


About Koolway Sports

Koolway Sports designs and manufacturers custom outerwear, for all seasons and individuals of all ages, using mobility and enabling them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of their life, their family and caregivers lives each and everyday.

The Koolway Story Behind the Hummingbird Logo

Koolway Sports is now a worldwide company. God bless our mothers Daphne and Wilma  (DW) for showing us the path from above and what life really means: “The art of giving back to those and understanding why we are here.”

We continue to have conversations with both Daphne and Wilma, and using their example as mentoring from above as we continue to find solutions for the challenges of dressing.

Each day we are guided in our vision and mission by our two mothers and our logo shows on the left their DW Hummingbird Wings, always ready to guide and strengthen our desire to ensure those using mobility can live to the maximum level of independence in all aspects of their life and that of their families.

We thank them for their wise words and for teaching us, that above all else, the greatest achievements in life are not the ones that earn you a trophy or money or even a powerful position. But it is the quiet determined accomplishments that no one hears about until years later.

Daphne and Wilma were placed on this earth for a purpose and our source of joy, inspiration, pride, and light is directly from their examples of what life means. May their memory be a blessing for all of us, and may we carry that light with us always and teach others their way.

We are honoured to share our DW Hummingbird story with another important group of women the Durham Women’s Network (DWN) and so fitting that our initials overlap like two rings attached in one common loop.

For those wishing to purchase one of the special Buffalo Plaid Fleece KoolKape liner for Mother’s Day please contact and subject line: Mother’s Day 2021 for a special DWN discount. Please us code: DWN21

Let us work together to create something wonderful and special for our grandmothers and mothers in Durham Region or wherever they reside this 2021.

Thanks for giving us this special opportunity during this difficult times…stay safe.


Celebrating the Women of Durham Region on this International Women’s Day

Celebrating the Women of Durham Region on this International Women’s Day

When Jennifer Gaskell and I set out to establish the Durham Women’s Network in March of 2019, we had no idea that it would have grown to group of nearly 5,000 diverse women of all ages and backgrounds.

Since that time, we have hosted in person meet-ups, a day long retreat, DWN Chats, and a new podcast. 

 Earlier this year, we launched a brand new, exclusive group for women in our network that were looking for a way to engage in a more meaningful way. After all, networking is really about caring about others, and looking out for one another and finding opportunities to help elevate each other’s lives. 

When I meet people, I’m always thinking about how I can help connect, elevate and celebrate the people I meet. That brings me such joy. Especially when I know that the connections I have initiated have actually helped CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES.

As a way to celebrate International Women’s Day today, Jennifer and I thought we would highlight the women in our first XWN cohort:

  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes
  • Laura Ricketts
  • Elise Hawley
  • Susanne Gagnon
  • Lori Speed
  • Denise Coughlin Babin
  • Kristi Honey
  • Linda McFarlane
  • Danielle Edwards
  • Linda Flynn
  • Brooke Pollard
  • Cathie Ellis
  • Theresa Ommert
  • Jennifer Gallienne
  • Patty Bowman Kingsley
  • Kristi Newman
  • Julia Offi
  • Ann Barker
  • Karen Anne Large
  • Pauline Thomas
  • Jennifer Jessop

Congratulations to this incredible group of women who are truly committed to supporting one another and always looking for ways to learn, connect with others, and support and elevate each other in the world.

I’d also like to welcome our newest XWN member, Jody Larmer. She has worked as a personal trainer and holistic nutritionist and consultant in Durham for the past 20 years. Jody has continued her education in self-esteem coaching to help women with their journey to feel amazing about themselves inside and out. Jody started a program a program called “Get Your Sexy Back” for women who have lost themselves for a myriad of reasons.

Does this make you think of Justin Timberlake’s song? 

If any of this resonates with you, you can connect with Jody at

Last, I’d like to congratulate Janice Coupland on the launch of her brand new business, KrishLynn Designs. I had the opportunity to visit Janice’s new store in Oshawa this past week and it’s absolutely beautiful!



Janice Coupland of Krishlynn Designs
Janice Coupland

Special thanks to Janice at Krishlynn Designs for sponsoring this week’s newsletter.

For more information about being featured in the XWN women in business series, contact us. Email us at and we will hook you up!

DWN Holiday Gift Guide 2020

DWN Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Last year’s guide was a huge success!! Be part of the biggest Holiday Guide in Durham Region, reaching more than 4,000 highly-engaged Durham Women’s Network members and the Durham Region community.

The guide will be promoted via DWN social media/online channels, media pitches and a paid social media campaign targeting Durham Region residents.

The guide drops on November 1, 2020… get your spot today!!

The following opportunities are available:

Listing Sponsor – $100 Includes a 50-word blurb, submitted photo, social media handles and website link.

Content Sponsor – $500 Includes a 100-word blurb about your business, photo and website link. We’ll send photographer Josie Cipriano out to YOU to get an amazing photo for the guide.

Presenting Sponsor – $1,000 – SOLD

Listed as presenting sponsor of guide, a 200-word article plus photo, website link and social media recognition on DWN social media channels. We’ll send photographer Josie Cipriano out to YOU to get an amazing photo for the guide.

Content Deadline: September 18, 2020

Email to secure your spot today!