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XWN Premium Membership

Exclusive. Experience. Extra.

Why XWN?


Access to self-development courses from worldwide experts.

Moving forward, different authors, coaches and personal/professional development experts will lead structured program cycles with up to one-hour per week time commitment.


Get connected with like-minded women in leadership in an exclusive and private Facebook group.

Monthly check ins on the third Saturday of the month with this intimate group on Zoom.


Be the first to receive special offers from Durham Women’s Network.

We’re welcoming Carol Baxter in April

The inspiring founder of Glow Yoga Studio will join us for a chat and virtual full moon dance exclusively for XWN members

Join us on Monday, April 19 at 7 p.m. in the Durham Women’s Network Facebook group.

We will be livestreaming the chat in this group, and you’ll have an opportunity to connect and ask questions.

Carol will be speaking about her new Ignite the Inner Queen program, the power of the full moon, and the importance of women supporting women.

On April 27, Carol will lead XWN members through a full moon dance

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